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The Best Political Email

I wanted to share what is by far the best political email I’ve ever received. This brilliant email (from a personal and marketing perspective) came from the Elizabeth Warren campaign (Go Warren!):

Subject: I’m Sorry

Elizabeth Warren for Massachusetts
Hello —

I’m writing to say I’m sorry.

Since I jumped into the race for the U.S. Senate, I have asked you for money through this email list again and again. And again.

I know that it is a real pain that you get a bazillion emails asking for money. And I know that every email (including this one) always has a “donate” button at the bottom.

Believe me, I hate it too. It is my least favorite part of being a candidate for the U.S. Senate, and it’s something I really didn’t look forward to when I decided to run.

But I also don’t kid myself. I know that this is the most expensive Senate race in the country, and I know that the Republicans are flooding Scott Brown with Wall Street money. He started $7 million ahead. We’ve worked hard, but the money has flowed in for him, so he is still $2 million ahead.

I also know I am able to run a competitive race without buckets of special interest money because of you, and, yes, because of all the emails. Together, we have built an organization that has raised more small donations than any other Senate campaign in the country. That’s a big deal.

I was thinking about the very first contest we had in the campaign — figuring out what should be printed on the back of our Elizabeth-for-Senate T-shirts. The winning slogan: The best senator money can’t buy.

I love that sentence — the best senator money can’t buy. I say it to myself every day and every night.

I’m not going to Washington to work for Wall Street or Big Oil or billionaires — no matter what.

I’m going to work for the people I talk with every day across Massachusetts.

A few weeks ago, Bruce and I sneaked off to the movies. We were on the platform waiting for the Red Line, when a young man walked up to introduce himself. He said he was a student, and he explained all the reasons he was supporting this campaign.

It was clear that money was tight for him — full-time job while he’s in school, two jobs in the summer, student loans, family can’t help. We took a picture on his phone, and, as he was about to leave, he said, “I give you money every month, and I’m taking on hours so I can give more.” I felt my chest contract, and I said thanks, but maybe he should keep the money.  He said, “No, I’m part of this campaign. This is my fight too.”

The student on the T-platform keeps me in this race — able to run paid ads and to build a person-to-person grassroots organization across the Commonwealth. And for that, I’m grateful.

I’m sorry about all the requests for money. I am so grateful for your support. And I hope you forgive the “Donate” button at the bottom of every email — and all the emails asking for money still to come.




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PO Box 290568
Boston, MA 02129

Paid for by Elizabeth for MA

Please note: This blog post was not paid for by Elizabeth for MA, the original email was. I posted this because I wanted to share it and I’m the best blogger that money can’t buy. Also note: email formatting changed slightly to show as text on a website and to remove my personal email address and unsubscribe link.

Technoccult: Meteorologists: The Original Data Scientists?


Rock star data scientist Nate Silver wrote a long article on meteorology for the New York Times:

Why are weather forecasters succeeding when other predictors fail? It’s because long ago they came to accept the imperfections in their knowledge. That helped them understand that even the most…

Chaos theory and #bigdata , Jurassic Park had a weatherman?

A First for Udacity: Transfer Credit at a U.S. University for One of Its Courses


A Colorado university is announcing on Thursday that it will give full transfer credit to students who complete a free introductory computer-science course offered by the online-education start-up company Udacity.

The announcement, by Colorado State University’s Global Campus, is a milestone for the Stanford University spinoff.

This is the first time a university in the United States has offered academic credit for a Udacity course, although several universities in Austria and Germany already do.

» via The Chronicle of Higher Education (Subscription may be required for some content)

The promise of an education system revamped by the Internet is finally being fulfilled… open source education is coming…

(Source: infoneer-pulse)

Getting Started

Slicing a task into really small pieces and then rewarding yourself with something small after completing just one small piece can motivate. After your reward you feel inspired to complete the next small piece, then work your way into larger chunks until you’ve got momentum on your side. Continuing once you’ve got momentum is easy, doing away with distractions is harder.

Those of you that follow me elsewhere (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) know that my newest resource has officially dropped: The AIIM SharePoint Governance Toolkit. I would normally just tell you about how awesome it is, but instead, I’ll share an email that a colleague forwarded to me from one of the folks who have already downloaded the toolkit:

I’ve downloaded this new resource kit. Very well done! Nick is one of the most knowledgeable professionals about all things having to do with  SharePoint.

Congrats to AIIM! 

Don’t take my word, go and ask one of the (currently) nearly 500 businesses and organizations that have already downloaded and are utilizing the toolkit what they think.

Get your copy of the AIIM SharePoint Governance Toolkit.

Wasabi Chicken Salad Sandwich w/Snapea Crisps & Dried Blueberries
Wasabi Chicken Salad:
Chopped chicken (my wife and I boil one nearly every week so we have chicken around)
Trader Joe’s Wasabi Mayonaise
Slightly Crushed Wasabi Peas
Wheat Bread
Mix chicken with mayo and wasabi peas to your taste and enjoyment. If too spicy for your taste, add some regular mayo to even it out.

Wasabi Chicken Salad Sandwich w/Snapea Crisps & Dried Blueberries

Wasabi Chicken Salad:

  • Chopped chicken (my wife and I boil one nearly every week so we have chicken around)
  • Trader Joe’s Wasabi Mayonaise
  • Slightly Crushed Wasabi Peas
  • Wheat Bread

Mix chicken with mayo and wasabi peas to your taste and enjoyment. If too spicy for your taste, add some regular mayo to even it out.

How To Get Your Pinterest RSS Feed!

How to get your Pinterest RSS feedI was trying to get an RSS feed from Pinterest and I realized that there wasn’t any visible way to access the feeds. I also know that because it isn’t visible doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist, so I tried some common URL formats for RSS feeds and I FOUND it! To get your RSS feed just add /feed.rss at the end of your account URL:

Hope this helps a few people.

Interviewed by SharePoint Records Management

I got interviewed by Fun time and a great conversation.

11 Pieces Of Advice For My Young Friends

11 Pieces of Advice, No Dogshit.1. Some people aren’t meant for college. I wasn’t. I couldn’t connect the busy work with my future goals and before I could give up, I ran out of money. I thought that sucked, but it was one of the best things that ever happened to me. If college has a learning style that is different than yours, don’t force it and waste any more money.

2. DO NOT LET anyone tell you that you can’t be successful without a college degree. It’s complete bullshit. You can’t be successful unless you work hard at being successful, having a degree just makes it easier to get beyond a hiring manager. That will be your biggest challenge without a degree, getting that first call back.

3. Get certifications. If there’s a certification that sounds nice but tells you that you need a college degree or a certain number of years of experience, say “thanks, but no thanks”. Go find a certification that requires you learn and know your shit. That’s it.Those are the types of certifications you want to go for. In my careers I’ve gotten: NASD Series 7; NASD Series 66; NASD Series 24; AIIM Enterprise 2.0 Practitioner, Specialist and Master; AIIM Enterprise Content Management Practitioner and Specialist; AIIM SharePoint Practitioner, Specialist and Master; Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing Certified Professional and their Inbound Marketing Certified Instructor designations. You don’t need a college degree to impress someone with your depth of knowledge, go buy a few books and spend a couple of thousand on certifications rather than hundreds of thousands and four years of your life for a piece of paper.

4. Go and find a company to work for whose promotion system and values are based around merit, not seniority. For me, that company was Bank of America. I worked there for nearly 5 years, worked my ass off. Be prepared to work your ass off. I got promoted within my first 9 months, then was promoted again after a year and a half. Then, I realized, I hate my job and my profession. 

5. Money isn’t worth your unhappiness (I wish I learned that earlier). If you don’t like what you are doing, CHANGE. It’s really hard to leave a job that you hate that pays you really well. LEAVE IT. I thought radio might be fun, it wasn’t and I wasn’t all that great at it. CHANGE. 

6. YOU have the power to REDEFINE YOURSELF. Do it as frequently as necessary.

7. Try your best to be a great person at work, you never know when one of your coworkers or a business partner is going to bail you out and offer you a job when you’re down and out. (Thank you Thedra!)

8. Learn new skills on YOUR OWN. Try to learn something that you can do by yourself and survive off of, for me, this is web design. I don’t love it, but I’m pretty good at it and I can go out and build a website for someone when income slowed down.

9. When you feel down and out, start a company. You are in charge of your future. Fail miserably, you’ll learn so much more about yourself and gain so much value from starting a business and running it into the ground. (I did)

10. Do everything you can to kick ass at your job everyday, it will make up for the days when you’re giving everything but sucking (and there will be those days).

11. It may sound cliche and it always did to me but… Find something to do that you love and you will never feel like you work ever again.

Pie and McKinnon at AIIM

In two announcements this week from AIIM, we hired Laurence Hart (@piewords) as our new CIO and Cheryl McKinnon (@cherylmckinnon) as our new Director of Marketing. So, what do these changes mean?

First, Laurence brings with him a long history in the industry, most recently in consulting. He has a knack for cutting through BS and getting straight to the heart (no pun intended) of the matter. His blog will give you an idea of how he thinks. He’s brilliant and it will mean that AIIM does a better job overall of information sharing and collaboration internally as we begin to align to a few new tools in our internal toolset. For an AIIM member it means that we have someone in charge that will drastically improve our website and better align that tool with current AIIM focus. Overall, having Laurence on the team will mean that we are even more equipped to meet our goals of empowering e information management industry.

Cheryl also brings years of experience to AIIM. Anyone who follows her on Twitter knows that she is an innovative and effective marketer and communicator. She has a strong background in marketing and our industry, which has meant new strategy has started with day one. What does this mean internally? A less fractured marketing structure with clear goals and objectives. It will make each of our lives at AIIM easier. Externally, email volume will most likely decrease as we become more targeted with our communications strategy.

With both Laurence and Cheryl working together I’d expect our website has a clearer messaging and navigation structure that will make it easier for our members and visitors to utilize the wealth of knowledge and information that is available at but is sometimes difficult to access. I know that I as well as the rest of AIIM are really excited for 2012 and the value that our new colleagues will bring to the table.